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NH Short Block 2 Brings a Whirlwind of Emotions

The second NH Short Block of New Hampshire Day was nothing short of spectacular. At The Music Hall Loft, the audience experienced a whirlwind of emotions with films ranging from documentary, to comedy, to drama.

Setting the tone for the short blog was In the Thicket, which was directed and produced by Nick Czerula, takes us in to the life of Tony Bosco, the man who lives in the woods. Bosco has been camping in the woods for more than 20 years and plans on joining society someday, but only if he has to.

Venturous Voices, directed by Jesse Davis and Gail Staub, this documentary features four stories on how 5 influential women, Jeanine Pesce, Jenny Amarenei, Dana Holliday, Chelsea Griffie, and Alyssa Ravasio, began unique, women-lead companies that took over the outdoor industry.

Love Never Dies is a comedy directed by Ryan Berry, produced by Lillian Pinsky starring Jonathan Lewis and Olivia Smith features a lonely zombie who is bored with death. He meets a girl zombie who makes him feel alive. Catch it again at 12:00pm, Friday, October 13th at The Loft

Rabbits is a drama directed by Patrick Clement, produced by Brusi Oldson, written by David Mar Stefansson, starring Jonathan Hansen. This film features a man in 1914 desolate Kansas. His crossing paths with a Rabbit, a dead girl with a Rabbit earring, and his old home send him spiraling. Catch it again at 1:40 on Friday, October 13th at The Loft. Get connected with Rabbits on Facebook.

The Oyster Revival is a documentary directed by Allison Keir and written by Jennifer Berglund and Allison Keir, starring OYSTERS! This documentary talks about the importance of oysters in the marine ecosystem and how to help conserve their depleting environments. Connect with The Oyster Revival on Facebook.

Be sure to catch the additional Short Block showings to experience the whirlwind for yourself. If you haven’t gotten your pass yet, get it here or visit The Portsmouth Discover Center tomorrow on your way to a film or event!

By Hannah Goble


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