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NHFF 2012 Feature “3 Days of Normal” gets Distribution Deal with FilmBuff

“3 Days of Normal”  follows the story of straight-laced deputy Bill Morgan (Jace Mclean) who is quite content living within the quaint boundaries of Washington, New Hampshire. Bill’s stable and rather uneventful life is thrown for a loop when he finds and arrests a woman, Nikki Gold (Mircea Monroe), passed out in her car from inebriation. Unbeknownst to him, the woman happens to be a popular movie actress longing for some normalcy in her hectic life.

Not only was the film’s fictional and actual setting in New Hampshire, but the lead actor, Jace McLean, hails from the Granite State.  At the festival’s NH Night Ceremony, McLean won Best NH Performance  for his incredible work in the film.

“3 Days” had a great festival run, and in early July was picked up by indie film distributor FilmBuff. Founded in 2007, New York-based FilmBuff designs innovative digital strategies to supply content to all on-demand outlets. Serving as a bridge between filmmakers and audiences.  Find FilmBuff content on all cable, satellite and telco services, game consoles, online retailers, wireless platforms and hardware manufacturers worldwide.

Don’t miss “3 Days of Normal” as it hits the VOD platform on August 20th!



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