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NHFF Friday Short Block 3: Full of Laughs and Twists

The third collection of shorts shown on Friday brought the crowd to plenty of laughs and cheers proving to be a success. Featuring documentaries, animations, dramas, mystery, and horror shorts this third block contained something for everyone.

Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt ,directed and produced by Yoni Brook and Pacho Velez, is about an unlucky passenger getting denied entry by the electronic card scanners as hundreds of other passengers move right past him with their successful card swipes.

Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

Negative Space, a brilliantly created animation directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, tells the story of a father and son’s connection through luggage. The short, inspired by Ron Koertge’s poem, shows an alternate way of bonding, far from sports-talk or car shows.

Catch it later this weekend on Sunday at 2 pm in the Moffatt-Ladd House!

Negative Space

Möbius takes a turn for the audience as this mystery short, directed by Sam Kuhn and produced by Kyle Sanderson, tells the tale of a teen poet who’s beloved lies lifeless in a stream. With the town searching for missing teen Sebastian, Stella recalls her time with him in a form of saying goodbye. With Sam Kuhn doubling as director and screenwriter, the film stars actor Caley Jones.


Coming up next in the lineup is Pet Friendly, a film that shows how a relationship can be tested after three days of driving cross-country and a lost pet. With Catherine Licata doubling as director and screenwriter, this short brings to question loyalty, trust, and apologies with a couple trying to recover from a missing cat. This film stars Doug Silbert and Akasha Villalobos.

Pet Friendly

Commodity City is documentary that takes a look at the daily lives of the vendors working in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China. Directed by Jessica Kingdon and produced by Kira Simon-Kennedy and Daniel Cooper, we see vendors representing a wide-range of factories within China. With vendors selling all types of materials from shoelaces and screws to baby-dolls and clocks, the film portrays the routine lives of each individual.


Catya Plate is a triple-threat as director, producer, and screenwriter for animated short Meeting Macguffin. This film, based in the future, shows the construction of a new human race after Earth is decimated from its previous inhabitants- humans. A climatologist groundhog explains how Earth was once destroyed by greedy humans over-using Earth’s resources.

Catch it later this weekend a the Moffatt-Ladd House on Sunday at 3:40 pm.

Leaving the theater cheering, Great Choice was a comedic horror film that brought back a classic Red Lobster commercial. Directed by Robin Comisar and produced by The Wonder Club, a woman gets stuck in the commercial with an aggressive server. This film stars Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector.

Great Choice

The final film of the block, Rabbits, was directed by Patrick Clement and produced by Brusi Olason. A desolate man comes across a young woman along a dirt road and brings her to proper burial. The woman’s earring makes him question a recent hunt and the promise he made to never leave her. The film stars Jonathan Hansen.

By Madison Krasko