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NHFF Short Films: Block 4 Showcases Humor, Romance, and Tenacity in New England Towns

Short Block 4 brought audience members on travels around New England towns and islands, portraying their residents as thoughtful, resilient, and courageous.

Graham: A Dog’s Story, a comedy short directed by Paul Lazarus, tells the story of a dog’s life, from a dog’s point of view with a hilarious voice over. It explores the love between Graham and his owner Lucas as they journey through life (and the afterlife) together. Connect with Graham: A Dog’s Story on Facebook.


Namaste: The Film followed and was directed and produced by Christine Altan, who was in attendance. The film stars Ian Lyons, Rene Bergeron, and Steve Blackwood. A series of synergistic moments unfold in the park nearby the yoga studio where Chrysta practices. Will she find a transformative love of her own? Connect with Namaste on Twitter and Facebook.


Mr. Connolly Has ALS is a short documentary directed and produced by Dan Habib, who was in attendance, and stared Gene Connolly and Samuel Habib. The film pays stunning tribute to Connolly’s community leadership as a New Hampshire high school principal who continued to lead his community, despite rapidly losing his ability to walk and speak due to the effects of the disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

When asked about why he chose to make this film, Habib simply answered, “there was no other place in the world where communication like this [between Gene and Samuel via machine] was happening. I had to tell the story.”

Connect with Mr. Connolly Has ALS on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the story and where you can see it again.


Next came another documentary, Winter’s Watch, which is the winner of the NH Film of the Year, presented by NHPTV. The documentary was directed by Brian Bolster, produced by Thomas Harrington, and starred Alexandra de Steiguer, who was in attendence. The camera follows de Steiguer, a winter caretaker and photographer, who embraces solitude in the bones of winter at the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island. Connect with Winter’s Watch on Twitter.

When asked about why her biggest challenge is when being alone for the winter, she said it was more the upkeep, and getting supplies in time. As she also mentioned in the film she said “I need that time.”

Winter's Watch, NH Film of the Year
Winter’s Watch

Catch it again on Saturday at 5:20pm in the Moffatt-Ladd House.

Wrapping up the short block was No. 7 on the List, a documentary snapshot of the town of Springfield, Vermont. Directed and produced by Meagan Frappiea and Bryant Naro, the film stars residents of the town from three generations, and explains the myth of their place on Hitler’s bombing list during WWII.

No. 7 on the List
No. 7 on the List

Catch it again on Saturday at 2pm in the Moffatt-Ladd House.

Be sure to catch the additional Short Block showings. If you haven’t gotten your pass yet, get it here or visit The Portsmouth Discover Center tomorrow on your way to a film or event!

By Bethany Clarke


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