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#NHFF Social Video Contest Results & Audience Choice Contest now open!

We had so many great submissions for our Social Video contest. Some of you submitted several, and we could see them get better with each submission. You all rock! It was a difficult process whittling these down, but here are the results.

Vine Results

Winner – “Quick Carve” by Kimberly Wade

2013 - NHFF Vine Contest Winner
Click here to see Kimberly’s submission »

Runner-up – “Starbucks” by Neil Snow
Click here to see Neil’s submission »


Instagram Results

Winner – “Submission” by Alfonso Fabrega

2013 - NHFF Instagram Contest Winner
Click here to see Alfonso’s submission »

Runner-up – “Camera Movements” by Brian Chick
Click here to see Brian’s submission »


Audience Choice to be selected from our Top 10 list:

VOTE for your choice on Facebook – Daily through Oct. 12, 2013

In no particular order

Kimberly Wade (Real Quick Carve)
Niel Snow (Starbucks)
Bill Cutrer (nietzsche)
Kimberly Wade (Rose Bath)
Zac Little (Last Man on Earth)
Nick Girard (Hunting Bison)
Zac Little (6 second Disaster)
Niel Snow (Luau)
Alfonso Fabrega (Full Moon)
Brian Chick (Camera Movements)


Thank you to all who contributed their incredible submission to our first ever social video contest.

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