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Oliver’s Deal Delivers at the 2015 NHFF

As the house lights fade and the majestic scenes of Peruvian landscapes roll across the screen, viewers are instantly introduced to the gravity of this film’s beautiful portrayal of Peruvian geography and cultural warmth. Yet, as quickly as Barney Elliot was able to display Peru’s natural and cultural immensity, the audience is also equally reminded of the realities that imperial economic exploitation and greed present on a global scale.

Staged against the backdrop of an international hedge fund deal in New York and Peru, Oliver’s Deal did not disappoint as a multi-faceted political drama, which tells the story of three people from tremendously different walks of life. Ultimately, each of these characters are forced to make significant moral compromises to achieve what they want. In a miraculous twist of fate, each of these characters unknowingly find their paths to be intrinsically linked due to the invisible effects of their various desires.

Once the curtains were drawn and the house lights were re-ignited, it became quite apparent that this was an emotional moment for all directly involved in the making of this film. When questioned during the Q&A session about the inspiration for this films genesis, director and screen writer, Barney Elliot, was poised in replying that this project was the result of countless hours of hard work and determination that began over nine years ago. On the topic of bringing this film into full fruition and the perpetual challenges that were required to be overcome, Elliot replied, “…the only way you can fail is if you give up”.

The 15th annual New Hampshire Film Festival was very excited to host a highly relevant film that calls for self-reflection to initiate meaningful change on a global macro economic level and greatly looks forward to screening films with impactful messages in years to come.


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