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Oscar-Winning and Emmy-Nominated Filmmakers Bring E-Team to NHFF

Presenting Special Tribute for Journalist & NH Native James Foley

The New Hampshire Film Festival is very proud to bring the acclaimed documentary E-Team to the festival, along with Academy Award-winning director Ross Kauffman, who co-directed the documentary with Katy Chevigny. The film won the U.S. Documentary Cinematography Award at Sundance Film Festival, and features the work of three cinematographers, Kauffman (Director of Photography) and Rachel Beth Anderson (co-cinematographer) and New Hampshire native and American journalist James Foley (additional cinematographer).
Ross Kauffman, who won an Academy Award for the film Born Into Brothels, will take part in a Q&A session following both screenings of E-TeamSaturday, Oct 18 at 3:30 P.M. at The Loft, and Sunday, Oct 19 at 12:05 P.M. at the Music Hall, with a special tribute honoring cinematographer James Foley (a native of Rochester, NH, and a UNH alum) after the Sunday screening.

 At the filmmaking team’s request, Sundance created a special cinematography award to honor Foley as an additional cinematographer on the film, and Kauffman on behalf of Chevigny and the filmmaking team will present the award to the Foley family during this special tribute.


·      Ross Kauffman’s Cinematography award acceptance at Sundance

·      Chevigny and Kauffman talk E-Team at Sundance:

 Members of the Foley family, including James’ parents, John and Diane Foley, will be on hand to accept the special award on James’ behalf.

 There will also be information and materials from the James W. Foley Legacy Fund on display at the screening, to help raise awareness and funds for this organization. The Fund focuses on: building a resource center for families of American hostages and fostering a global dialog on governmental policies in hostage crises; supporting American journalists reporting from conflict zones; and promoting quality educational opportunities for urban youth.

 E-Team tracks four members of the Emergencies Team, or E-Team, the most intrepid division of a respected, international human rights group, as they smuggle across the border into Syria and Libya to investigate, expose and halt human rights violations. Using a cinéma vérité approach, the documentary follows the E-Team investigators in the field as they piece together the actual events that take place in troubled spots around the globe.

“We are endlessly thankful for James Foley’s life’s work: shining a light on the darkest of conflicts, giving voices to those who have been forced silent, advocating for peace and change,” said New Hampshire Film Festival Programming Director Nicole Galovski. “It’s such an honor to bring works like E-Team to our festival, and reminds us all of the indelible power of voice through film.”


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