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Panel: How Content Can Stick Out in an Ever-Growing Industry

On a rainy Saturday morning at the 18th annual NHFF, festival-goers sat in on a unique panel that featured four guests, who all play a different role in the television and film industry. The panelists offered insights, stories, and predictions about content in our ever-growing modern day media landscape.

The Industry Insiders Panel was hosted by Jeff Stern who did an excellent job asking pertinent questions and found a way to always keep the conversation engaging to the audience.

The four panelists came from different corners of the media world but came together to discuss their passion for creating and finding interesting content for film, television, and even podcasts.

The first panelist introduced was Anna Culp, an executive producer whose work includes the television series Genius that airs on National Geographic.

The following panelist introduced was Jon Giegengack, the founder and principal of Hub Entertainment Research. A company that analyzes data about media consumption in the form of reports and custom studies. Jon and his company have worked with some of the titans of the entertainment industry such as Netflix, HBO, and Comcast.

The third panelist present was Adam Neuhaus, a producer for ESPN Films, who has created the immensely popular 30 for 30 sports documentary films.

The final panelist was Kalim Armstrong, a documentary filmmaker and director for Vacationland, a company that creates documentaries and commercials for popular brands such as Nike, MasterCard, and Microsoft among many others.

The panel had a general topic of content in the modern age of digital media at everyone’s fingertips, but it did cover a wide range of ideas such as distribution, availability, creation, ownership and marketing of content.

The conversation was balanced well among the panelists and all of them offered insight from their personal experiences that gave the audience a true behind-the-curtain look of what it is like to create and produce content for mass audiences.

Being that everyone in the audience was a consumer of media content it made for a lively conversation as audience members politely chimed in and asked questions of the panelists.

Getting a look at how television shows and films are created, produced, and distributed was an enlightening experience for everyone in attendance and was something that can only be experienced here at NHFF!

Be sure to check out all that the New Hampshire Film Festival has to offer as we are in full swing this weekend with great films and events taking place throughout Saturday and Sunday!

By Liam McNicholas