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Panel Highlight—The Bigger Picture: Independent Filmmaking & Community

Join us on Friday of the festival for this don’t miss panel.

The Bigger Picture—Independent Filmmaking & Community

Friday, October 16th, 11 A.M. – 12 P.M. at the Discover Portsmouth Center

Independent filmmaking allows you to focus all your attention on what’s happening directly in front of you. After all, it’s your passion, your voice, your project. But your film has the potential to have a larger, lasting benefit on the world around you. In this panel discussion, you will participate in conversation about how filmmakers and community have worked together to discover unforeseen intersections and opportunities that can turn your project into a broader, more fulfilling community experience.

This panel will be moderated by Van McLeod, Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources. Panelists include: Rick Broussard, Editor, NH Magazine and Co-Director, “Granite Orpheus”; Nicholas J. Koloski, Location Manager and Claremont City Councilor; Lisa Neville, Independent Producer; and Matt Newton, Director, New Hampshire Film & Television Office.

Did you know that NHFF panels are free? That’s right! Check out the full schedule for when you can catch a few more.


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