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2017 Coverage

10/26/17 —  New Hampshire Film Festival 2017: Eclectic Selections and Panels Allow This Small New England Fest to Continue to Grow


10/15/17 — Short Film Featured at NH Film Festival Shows Gritty Reality of Heroin Addiction


10/13/17 — 117 Films to be Shown at 17th Annual NH Film Festival 


10/13/17 — NH Film Festival Kicks Off

The Portsmouth Herald /

10/12/17 — Peter MacKenzie, Cole Escola Help Helm Comedy Panel at NH Film Festival

The New Hampshire Union Leader /

10/12/17 — Film Festival to Screen More Than 100 Films 


10/12/17 — NH Film Festival a Movie-Lovers Dream Weekend

The New Hampshire Union Leader /


10/11/17 — Documentary About Homelessness in NH to Premiere at NH Film Festival 

New Hampshire Public Radio

10/11/17 — 17th Annual NH Film Festival Kicks Off this Week in Portsmouth


10/11/17 — Film Festival Top Five

10/11/17 — Concord Filmmaker’s Work Explores ALS

Foster’s Daily Democrat

10/10/17 — ‘Game of Thrones’ Director to Attend NH Film Fest Event

The Portsmouth Herald /

10/05/17 — New Year, New Look, New Films: The 2017 New Hampshire Film Festival is Ready to Rock

Leah’s Movie Lowdown

10/01/17 — Documentary about Queen City’s homeless youth to be shown at NH Film Festival

The New Hampshire Union Leader /

09/29/17 — Women, New Hampshire and Latino Films in the Spotlight 

The Boston Globe 

09/27/2017: Film Festival Kick-off Event Raises Excitement

The Portsmouth Herald /

09/26/2017: NH Film Festival Announces Film Lineup

The Portsmouth Herald /

09/22/2017: Film Festival Roundup 


09/19/2017: NH Film Festival Plans Kick Off Party 

The Portsmouth Herald /

09/18/2017: New Hampshire Film Festival Being Planned in Portsmouth

The New Hampshire Union Leader /

07/10/2017: N.H. Film Festival Dates Announced

The Portsmouth Herald /


2016 Coverage

10/15/2016: Bergeron, Meyers Reminisce About NH Roots at Film Festival

The Portsmouth Herald /


10/14/2016: NH Film Festival Begins with Well-Deserved Recognition

The Portsmouth Herald /


10/14/2016: 16th Annual NH Film Festival Showcases Nearly 100 Films


10/13/2016: 16th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival Kicks Off Thursday

New Hampshire Public Radio 

10/13/2016: New Hampshire Film Festival Rolls Out Movie Standouts and Stars

The New Hampshire Union Leader /


10/13/2016: NH Film Festival Celebrates Indie Cinema Oct. 13 to 16



10/13/2016: Split Ticket to be Screened at NHFF 

Foster’s Daily Democrat /

10/11/2016: 16th Annual NHFF Brings a Little Bit of Hollywood to the Granite State

Leah’s Movie Lowdown 

10/10/2016: Alysia Reiner of ‘Orange is the New Black,”Equity’ Coming to NH Film Fest 

The Portsmouth Herald /

10/09/2016: It’s Sweet 16 for NH Film Festival

The Portsmouth Herald /

10/09/2016: Lee Native’s Film Addressing Slavery to Screen at NHFF 



10/09/2016: Go & Do: NH Film Festival 

Foster’s Daily Democrat /

10/06/2016: Well Oiled Machine: New Hampshire Film Festival Returns to Portsmouth Oct. 13

The Hippo

10/06/2016: Creating a Musical Myth

10/04/2016: NH Film Festival Holds Kick-Off Party in Portsmouth

The New Hampshire Union Leader /

10/04/2016: NH Film Festival Continues to Gain Strength

The Portsmouth Herald /


10/04/2016: 100 Films to be Shown at Upcoming Film Festival in Portsmouth 


10/04/2016: Portsmouth Prepares for Annual Film Festival


10/04/2016: Nicole Gregg, Jay Childs Talk NH Film Festival 

Edge Radio 


09/29/2016: NHFF 2016 — You in?

Assholes Watching Movies

09/29/2016: Wide Variety of Films to Be Shown at Annual Festival

The New Hampshire Union Leader /

09/29/2016: Film Festival Roundup


09/27/2016: The Provident Bank Sponsors NH Film Festival 

The Portsmouth Herald /


 09/27/2016: These are the Films You’ll Watch at the 2016 New Hampshire Film Festival 

The Portsmouth Herald / / Foster’s Daily Democrat /


09/26/2016: NH Film Festival Returns Oct. 13-16 

09/22/2016: Celebs Headed to NHFF 

09/21/2016: NH Film Festival Bringing 100 Films to Portsmouth

The Portsmouth Herald / 


2015 Coverage

10/20/2015: N.H. film fest panel focuses on comedy

Mark Lorenz, The Boston Globe

Photo Oct 20, 9 15 26 AM

10/19/2015: ‘The Witch’ Wins Top Honor at 15th New Hampshire Film Festival

Zach Sharf, IndieWire


10/16/2015: Comedians hold meet and greet at N.H. Film Festival

Karen Dandurant, The Portsmouth Herald /


10/16/2015: Filmmakers discuss important social issues

Karen Dandurant, The Portsmouth Herald /


10/16/2015: NH Film Festival underway in Portsmouth

Jennifer Crompton, WMUR

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.42.02 PM



9/30/2015: Star-Studded Film Festival Could Be ‘The Best Yet’

Jesse Scardina, The Portsmouth Herald /


9/10/2014: ‘The Witch’ and ‘Manglehorn’ Among Portsmouth Film Festival Highlights

The Edge /

9/10/2014: New Hampshire Film Festival Set For October Return

The Portsmouth Herald /


2014 Coverage

10/21/2014: James Foley’s parents accept award after documentary screening in Portsmouth

Christina Higginbotham,

10/21/2014: New Hampshire Film Festival ends with Foley Tribute

Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe

10/20/2014: Flea talks ‘Low Down’ at New Hampshire Film Festival

Mark Shanahan & Meredith Gold

10/20/2014: Foundation continues James Foley’s work

Seacoast Online, Karen Dandurant

10/20/2014: Jim Foley’s parents accept award on son’s behalf

WMUR, Stephanie Woods

10/20/2014: The Standouts From The 2014 New Hampshire Film Festival

Leigh Blickley, Huffington Post

10/20/2014: ‘Low Down’ and ‘E-TEAM’ Take Home Top Prizes from New Hampshire Film Festival

Casey Cipriani, IndieWire

10/17/2014: NH Film Festival in Portsmouth features a tribute to slain journalist James Foley

Shari Small, NH1

10/17/2014: Ebert documentary screening at N.H. Film Festival 

Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe

10/16/2014: Film Festival Opens with local flavor

Jesse Scardina, Seacoast Online

10/16/2014: New Hampshire Film Festival starts now

Jeanne McCartin, Seacoast Online

Photo Oct 16, 10 13 39 AM Photo Oct 16, 1 03 56 PM


10/16/2014: N.H. Film Festival to showcase local, international talent

Foster’s Daily Democrat


10/16/2014: ‘Men, Women & Children’: All in the family, for better or worse

Foster’s Daily Democrat 


10/16/2014: Manchester native Christopher Goudreault to show film in Portsmouth

Julia Ann Weekes, Union Leader

10/16/2014: Slain NH journalist James Foley shot footage for ‘E-Team’

Julia Ann Weekes, Union Leader

Photo Oct 16, 3 40 45 PM

10/16/2014: Rae Dawn Chong, Doria Bramante open up about spiritual journey

Julia Ann Weekes, Union Leader

Photo Oct 16, 3 35 52 PM

10/16/2014: NH Film Festival projected to reel in 10,000 for screenings

Julia Ann Weekes, Union Leader

10/14/2014: James Foley’s footage featured in documentary

Liz Markhlevskaya, Foster’s Daily Democrat


10/14/2014: Blues legend Otis Clay coming to N.H. Film Fest

Jesse Scardino, Seacoast Online

Photo Oct 16, 3 46 50 PM


10/14/2014: Festival to make blind girl’s dream come true


10/14/2014: Interview with Nicole Gregg, Executive Director for the New Hampshire Film Festival

Catherine Stewart, New England Film

10/13/2014: N.H. Film Fest to pay tribute to slain journalist

Karen Dandurant, Seacoast Online

Photo Oct 13, 2 58 50 PM

10/13/2014: N.H. Film Fest shines light on city

Seacoast Online

10/13/2014: James Foley’s Work Honored At New Hampshire Film Festival

Emily Corwin, NHPR

10/12/14: Stars Near and Far in N.H. Film Fest

Justin Scardina, Portsmouth Herald
 Photo Oct 12, 4 03 45 PM

10/09/14: Mike O’Malley heartened by ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ reviews

Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe

10/08/14: NH Film Festival Releases Official 2014 Trailer

Portsmouth Patch 

10/06/14: Mike O’Malley coming to N.H. Film Festival

Portsmouth Herald

10/06/14: Star Power! NH Film Festival to Feature Star-studded Lineup of Guests

Portsmouth Patch 

10/06/14: Portsmouth film festival to feature films with NH ties

By Mike Lawrence, Union Leader 

10/02/14: Film Festival prepares for one of its largest lineups yet

Jesse Scardino, Portsmouth Herald

09/30/14: N.H. Film Festival kick-off event on Thursday

Portsmouth Herald


9/29/14: New Hampshire Film Festival Press & Kick-Off Party on Thursday, Oct. 2

Portsmouth Patch

09/22/14: Seacoast Business Connection

Interview with NHFF Executive Director Nicole Gregg

09/22/14: New Hampshire Film Festival chooses 100 movies

Suzanne Laurent, Portsmouth Herald

09/22/14: Interview with NHFF Executive Director Nicole Gregg

Seacoast Business Connection, WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio

[download] Show archive (interview starts at 8:20)

2013 Press Coverage

10/22/13: City presents another film festival success

Editorial, Portsmouth Herald
Photo Oct 22, 9 10 44 AM

10/21/13: No regrets as Tom Rush wows N.H. film festival audience (video)

Harold Lepidus, Examiner

10/21/13: New Hampshire Film Fest honors Muskat

Mark Lorenz, The Boston Globe
Photo Oct 22, 9 47 29 AM

10/21/13: The New Hampshire Film Festival Delivers the Goods

Leigh Blickley, The Huffington Post

10/20/13: NH Film Festival Announces Winners

Marc Fortier, Portsmouth Patch

10/20/13: Alfred Thomas Catalfo’s “Slam Man,” “Moonlight Bait and Ammo”

We Hear, Boston Herald

10/20/13: Kretschmar, Bergeron, McKinney, Chong at NHFF Comedy Panel

Celebrity News & Photos, The Huffington Post

10/19/13: Tom Rush, Chris Abbott Meet The Press

Marc Fortier, Portsmouth Patch

10/19/13: A Taste of the New Hampshire Film Festival 2013

Victoria Hersey, Electric Feast

10/19/13: NH Film Festival Grand Juror Tom Bergeron Holds Court in Portsmouth

Jeanné McCartin, Portsmouth Herald
Photo Oct 19, 11 30 43 AM

10/18/13: Joyce Maynard Honored at NHFF

Robert Cook, Portsmouth Patch

10/18/13: UNH Alum makes one very funny movie

Marc Fortier, Portsmouth Patch

10/18/13: NH Film Festival Kicks Off

Adam Sexton, WMUR
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.45.42 AM

10/18/13: TV Host Tom Bergeron Talks to NHFF

Jason Claffey, Portsmouth Patch

10/18/13: NHFF special guests talk to Uncle Phil

Phil Kliger, The Uncle Phil Show

[download] 10:00-11:00 (Delta Bravo, Patrick King, Tara Price)
[download] 11:00-12:00 (Ronen Rubenstein, Tom Bergeron Part 1)
[download] 12:00-1:00 (Tom Bergeron Part 2)

10/18/13: N.H. Film Festival kicks off in Portsmouth

Joey Cresta, Portsmouth Herald

10/17/13: Film Festival Announces NH Night Winners

Marc Fortier, Portsmouth Patch

10/17/13: What’s An International Film Festival Doing In A Place Like New Hampshire?

Emily Corwin, NHPR

10/17/13: NHFF Young Filmmakers Workshop with John Herman

Editorial, Seacoast Online

10/17/13: For the love of film

Jeanné McCartin, Portsmouth Herald

10/16/13: NH Filmmaker Aaron J. Weiderspahn Talks About His Latest Film

Virginia Prescott, Word of Mouth on NHPR

10/16/13: Paramount Pictures’ Labor Day to Open New Hampshire Film Festival

Crystal Paradis, The Music Hall blog

10/16/13: Starring role: Seacoast filmmakers at the 2013 New Hampshire Film Festival

Craig Robert Brown, The Wire

10/15/13: New Hampshire Film Festival to be Held this Weekend in Portsmouth

MV Colvin, Dirty Water News

10/15/13: Readings & Signings

Seacoast Online/The Portsmouth Herald

10/14/13: Star-Studded New Hampshire Film Festival This Week

Jason Claffey, Exeter Patch

10/13/13: 2013 N.H. Film Fest the best yet

Fosters Daily Democrat

10/13/13: Lights, Camera, Film Fest!

John Brenneman, Portsmouth Herald

10/10/13: Keene represents at NHFF

Chris Prine, Keene Sentinel

10/10/13: N.H. Film Festival: An annual celebration of what we do …

Ryan Alan, Foster’s Daily Democrat – Showcase
Photo Oct 13, 5 21 26 PM

10/08/13: NH Film Festival lineup – “Best Program Yet”

Chuck McMahon, Portsmouth NH City Blog

10/03/13: NH Film Festival Kickoff Party

David Flood, NHSeacoast TV

10/03/13: 2013 NH Film Festival Kick-off Party


10/03/13: New Hampshire Film Festival to be ‘star-studded’

Charles McMahon, Portsmouth Herald

NHFF star-studded

10/03/13: NHFF Screenplay Committee/Granite SoFFA host reading at RiverRun Bookstore 10/18

New Hampshire Film Office, Film New Hampshire

10/3/13: New Hampshire Film Festival Press Party

Cameron Johnson, Cam’s Newsbeat

10/2/13: Chris Abbott of HBO’s ‘Girls’ Coming to NH Film Festival

Robert Cook, Portsmouth Patch

9/26/13: BHS Student’s Film to be Shown at NH Film Festival

Ryan O’Connor, Bedford Patch

9/24/13: New Hampshire Film Festival: The Inside Scoop

Alli Rock,

09/20/13: Losing Lebron Accepted to the 2013 New Hampshire Film Festival

Nicole Prowell,

09/19/13: New Hampshire Film Festival Releases Lineup

Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe

2013-09-19 Boston Globe (close) (1)

09/19/2013: Film Festival Lineup Announced

Chuck McMahon, SeacoastOnline/Portsmouth Herald

2013-09-19 Portsmouth Herald (2)

09/16/13: Seacoast Business Connection Radio Show—special guest Nicole Gregg, NHFF Director

Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, WSCA/Portsmouth Community Radio

 For New Hampshire Film Festival coverage from previous years, visit our Press Archives.