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Resurrecting Hassan: A Sad Tale With A Hopeful Outcome

The 2017 New Hampshire Film Festival presented the haunting documentary Resurrecting Hassan tonight at the Moffatt Ladd house Saturday evening.

This documentary, directed by Carlo Guillermo Proto, is about the struggles of a family who is a little different from the rest. Each member of the family, Denis, Peggy and their daughter Lauviah is blind, except for Hassan, who died in a tragic incident years ago. Still grieving from their loss, the film documents the family’s attempt to resurrect him.

The family, being as they are visually handicapped, do not work at typical jobs; they get by by singing in the metro station. Peggy and Dennis also spend their time attending seminars on how they can possibly resurrect their son. Tensions within the family begin to rise as the documentary continues between Dennis’s bad temper and failure to resurrect Hassan, and Peggy’s bossiness and her falling in love with another man.

Although they could not bring back their son, and many things began to change within their family, it seems as though they are taking separate paths in life. Peggy left Dennis to be with Philou, the man she loves, and Lauviah and Dennis are facing life on their own without Peggy for the first time. As the new year depends upon them, Lauviah proclaims that it will begin “in harmony.”

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By Hannah Goble


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