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Short Block 4: Diverse and Dynamite

The fourth collections of shorts shown on Thursday did not fail to impress. Featuring comedic, dramatic, musical, and documented shorts the fourth block had something for everyone.

Taken By Request  is directed and written by Richard Margarit, produced by our own Portsmouth Public Media, and stars Shereen Allam and Gege Whitman. Boasting an unnerving sound design and discomforting visuals, Block 4 began with a suspense riddled genre that thrills as it twists along an unpredictable narrative.


Texture takes a different turn for the audience that goes from thriller to comedy. Directed by Mark Billeci and Eric Stern (also co-writer with Marguerite Covini), and produced by Adam Flaherty, this short comedy fast forwards 70 years into the future to describe human connection. As a culture, we’ve remained hilariously immature. Texture sweetly interrogates the difficulty of communication. Pound for pound as funny as anything that will be shown all weekend. The film stars Alex Pires, Chelsea Hermann, and Paul Melendy. Connect with Texture on Facebook.


Between Leo’s is a fun, completely fresh, and blissful musical experience, featuring Foley artists, sound producers, and one truly amazing hook. Written and directed by Jeremy S. Collins, produced by Michael Ficara and Dan Hourihan, and starring Colin Allen, Todd Hunter, Jennifer Henry, Noah Lefebrvre, Samuel Bennett, Jay Street, Lana Nitz, and Eddie Vargas, this film is sure to leave you with a smile.

Between Leo's
Between Leo’s

Directed and produced by Laina Barakat, written by Andre Jaeger and starring Phillip Maurer and Henry Jaeger, The B Movie tells the beautiful and hilarious post-party dream of an exhausted parent.


The B Movie

A Living Memorial: New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery is a monument to a memorial. Directors and writers Bryant Naro and Meagan Frappiea carefully and lovingly present a documentary that captures the aching but peaceful grounds of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery where life is inspired to continue in the presence of the honored and never forgotten dead. The film was produced by David J. Kenney and stars Alan, Stephanie and Donna Ouellette, Mike Horne, David J. Kenney, Roger Desjardins, Richard Milyaro, Ruth Bidwell, Major Gen. William N. Reddel, Dave Currier, Jonathan Halle, Ted Houston, and Roger Paris.

A Living Memorial: The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery

Following the mockumentary format, director and screenwriter Jonathon Olson pastes a charming, ever-present sociopathic smile on the lips of a motley collection of dysfunctional maniacs in Dr. Truscott: The Balboa Health Clinic. This film was produced by Rolling Shutter Productions and stars Adam Griswold, Jacob Gines and Cody Merritt.



Kids Conspire is a musical throwback inspired by a time when the world was coated in magical promise and where a dinner table could transform into sanctuary from the storm. This film was written and directed by Jeremy S. Collins, produced by Michael Ficara and Dan Hourihan, and stars Cailtlin Batts and Grady Oberton.


Be sure to catch the additional Short Block showings. If you haven’t gotten your pass yet, get it here or visit The Portsmouth Discover Center tomorrow on your way to a film or event!

By Tom Berry


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