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NHFF Shorts Block 6: Drama Reigned Supreme

On Saturday afternoon, 3S Artspace screened NHFF Shorts Block 6. Full of drama, the showing included Spacesavers, All Happened Before, Candace, Cherish, Have It All, Quiet Hours, Roadside Attraction, Rabbit Tracks, 86’d, and What Here Needs Love. 


To begin the showing, an obscure film called Spacesavers proved to be more of a comedy than a documentary. Directed by Sarah Ginsburg, and produced by Will Lennon, the film is made up of a montage of short videos of random objects, such as an office chair, sitting in parking spaces in order to reserve a spot. As the film progressed, the audience was thrown into small fits of laughter at the objects being used as “spacesavers”.

You can see Spacesavers again on Sunday at 3S Artspace at 3:35 p.m. Connect with Spacesavers on Twitter.

All Happened Before, is about Amanda, a young girl, spending one last day with her babysitter before she moves away. Directed by Gloria Mencer, produced by Aidan West, and starring Maia Costea, Fatuma Namatovu, Lissa Neptuno, this short drama will pull on your heart strings.

You can see All Happened Before again on Sunday at 3S Artspace at 3:35 p.m. Connect with All Happened Before on Facebook and Twitter.

The third short of the block was Candace, a drama directed by Emma Weinstein and co-written by Stella Baker (also starring), produced by Alix Masters and Michael Breslin, tells the story of of BFFs, Charlie and Nina that are struggling with their impending separation.

You can see Candace again on Sunday at 3S Artspace at 3:35 p.m. Connect with Candace on Facebook.

Cherish, directed by Terrance Daye, and produced by Chester Algernal, Elegance Bratton, Spike Lee; starring Marcus Pinkney, is about a black boy, in the rural south, trying to fly.

Have It All, directed and produced by Katie Locke O’Brien, and co-produced by Barret Bowman; starring Katie Locke O’Brien, Huse Madhavji, Chris Gross, Blake Silver, and Julian Holstein, is a comedy about a young professional trying to get to work on time. However, there is an issue– she’s having to bring her baby with her.

Quiet Hoursdirected by Paul Syznol, is about Donald Hall, America’s Poet Laureate and winner of the National Medal of Arts, living in the fragile space between loneliness and solitude.

Roadside Attractiondirected and produced by Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas, and co-produced by and Maida Lynn, documents one of the fastest growing roadside attractions in the United States.

See Roadside Attraction again on Sunday at 3:35 p.m. at 3S Artspace. Connect with Roadside Attraction on Facebook.

Rabbit Tracks, directed and produced by Luke Jaeger, and starring a Rabbit, is an animated film about a journey through a mortality-infused landscape populated by mysterious chickens, inconvenient frogs, and other cartoonish creatures.

Catch Rabbits again on Sunday at 3S Artspace at 3:35 p.m.

The second to last film screened during Short Block 6 was the narrative 86’ddirected by Alan Palomo, is a film in which five juicy stories transpire over the course of one late-night order at a 24-hour deli.

Catch 86’d again on Sunday at 3S Artspace at 3:35 p.m.

What Here Needs Love? was the last film of the showing. Directed by Daniel Antebi, and produced by Jordan Schopick, Reid Hannaford, Sophia Huebschman, Ramsee Chand and Natalie J. Harris; starring Tatiana Webster, Sal Rendino, Valencia Yearwood and Tiberius Braithwaite, is about a father and daughter untangling their past, wrestling to resurrect the love left between them in the face of a tragedy.

By Christopher Edwards


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