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Sollers Point: Old Habits are Hard to Kick

Sollers Point
Sollers Point

On Saturday evening at the 3S Artspace, the Festival featured Sollers Point which follows a man living at his father’s house on probation after a year of being incarcerated. 

Directed and written by Matthew Porterfield, produced by Eric Bannat, Alexandra Byer, Gabrielle Dumon, Jordan Mintzer, Ryan Zacarias and stars McCauel Lombardi as Keith, Zazie Beetz as Courtney and Jim Belushi as Carol.

The film depicts the life of Keith, a past convict who attempts to find a job in his Baltimore neighborhood but struggles with trying to move away from his past. In the coming weeks after getting off probation, Keith is reintroduced to people that may steer him into the wrong direction but also others that want to help him.

Throughout the narrative, the audience is on the edge of their seats as they witness the reforming convict attempt to get his life together, but at any point, it seems that he could slip right back into his old habits once again. 

Sollers Point vividly shows the struggles of convicts attempting to reform and how easily their mind can be influenced into what put them behind bars in the first place. The film does a fantastic job representing how much of an effect the people around them can have and how they can either help the past convict with making a new life, or steer them down the dark path of incarceration once again.

 By Josh King


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