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NHFF Sponsor Spotlight: The Provident Bank

We are thrilled to name The Provident Bank as the Marquee Sponsor of the 17th annual New Hampshire Film Festival.

In light of their continued generosity, the NHFF team recently reached out to bank leadership for a special Sponsor Spotlight.

The following Q&A is with Dave Mansfield, CEO of The Provident Bank, and longtime festival attendee.

How many years have you attended NHFF?

“The bank has been involved for the past 10-11 years, but I’ve been attending the festival for the the last five years with my wife. Before we were Portsmouth residents we would get a hotel for the weekend and experience the entire thing. We definitely got the bug and kept coming back for more.”

What are some of your personal highlights from past year’s festivals?

“When we first started attending, I remember I was getting something to eat and meeting someone at the next table over from Switzerland who was involved with one of the films. Meeting someone from another country who came all the way to Portsmouth for the film festival was a very cool experience.”

“I also really enjoyed the amazing talk Michelle MacLaren gave in 2014. Just getting her perspective on some of the best shows I like to watch was a highlight.”

“My wife’s favorite thing is getting the program and figuring out how we’re going to get it all in. You’re always left wanting more at the end.”

 What is your favorite part of the annual film festival?

“The Red Carpet is great. Last year Tom Bergeron was there and we got him to jump in a few pictures. It’s great that such a huge celebrity like Tom shows up for the festival and supports his local community year after year.”

 Favorite movie(s) shown at NHFF? 

 “There’s so many great shows I don’t know if I could possibly come up with a favorite.”

 Favorite after-party?

“The party at Flatbread Company is always nice because it kicks things off for what is always a great weekend of films and fun. The party at the Martingale Wharf on Saturday night is also amazing. Oh, and it’s always nice to finish the event with the amazing brunch at The One Hundred Club.


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