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Standing Room Only at the Annual Comedy Panel

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By: Melissa Stanwood

It was a packed house at the New Hampshire Film Festival Annual Comedy Panel this afternoon. The Comedy Panel has become one of the most popular events at NHFF, and this year’s panelists did not disappoint. Festival-goers filled the Discover Portsmouth Center for a chance to pick the brains of this year’s panelists.

Greg Kretschmar, of Greg and the Morning Buzz, sat down with NHFF Grand Jurist Tom Bergeron, Official NHFF Comedian Juston McKinney, and Board of Director Member Rae Dawn Chong to complete this year’s group of panelists. Topics ranged from favorite projects to breaking into the comedy business. When asked about how comedies of today compare to comedies of the past, Bergeron claimed that comedies now are “too safe,” and Rae Dawn Chong revealed that it was harder for women to get parts in the 60’s & 70’s. Between shedding insight into the business, panelists also poked fun at each other. McKinney quipped, “My dad thinks you’re the guy from ‘Dances With Wolves’” to Bergeron, in reference to his gig hosting Dancing with the Stars.

If Twitter is any indication, the audience enjoyed every drop of knowledge shed. Users shared their favorite parts during the panel using the hashtag #NHFF, including photos and quotes from the panelists. Here are some highlights: