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Thursday Evening Feature Documentary: Instructions on Parting

The New Hampshire Film Festival was honored to present Instructions on Parting Thursday night at The Music Hall Loft. Director Amy Jenkins was in attendance and gave the audience a welcoming introduction to start the screening.

Directed by Amy Jenkins and produced by Mary Kerr, this film provides a roller coaster of emotions as the viewers follow Amy through a time of loss and new beginnings. After the cancer diagnoses of her sister, mother, and brother, Amy also learns that she is pregnant with her first child. The juxtaposition of the crippling effects of cancer with the beauty of new life is striking. The film also incorporates breathtaking vignettes of nature unfolding to bring together the themes of creation and loss. Instructions on Parting conveys the thrill of pregnancy, the heartbreak of cancer, and the beauty of nature.

For more on this documentary, visit their website or Facebook.

By Madison Krasko

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