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Top 5 Films Based in Boston

Boston-based films are a dime a dozen — there certainly is no shortage of cinematic gems that can call Beantown home. But in order to truly be considered a flick from the Hub, a film must possess a certain “Je ne sais quoi” or if we’re being totally accurate — some wicked “cha-hhhhhmmmm!”

The following is a list we consider to be the best Boston-based films in existence:

#5. Celtic Pride

What’s more “Boston” than the Celtics? This flick features two over-loyal Celtics fans played by Daniel Stern and Dan Akroyd who kidnap their opponent’s star player in order to guarantee their team the championship. If you love the Celts and like to laugh, put this in your plans for your next Friday night on the couch.

#4. The Town

While technically based in nearby Charlestown, this crime/thriller has plenty of Boston to boast about — everything from a car chase through the North End to a harrowing heist at the Cathedral of Boston (Fenway Park). Oh, and there’s also Boston’s-own Ben Affleck — need we say more?

#3. Fever Pitch

The only romantic-comedy on the list, this Boston-based flick features Jimmy Fallon as a die-hard Sox fan who tries to woo a career-obsessed business lady played by Drew Barrymore into falling in love with him (and the Sox of course). The best part about this film? It includes actual footage of the Sox capturing their first World Series in 86 years! Go Soxxxxx!

#2. Good Will Hunting

The movie that started it all for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, this flick earned an Oscar for Best Screenplay. The late Robin Williams also earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But in addition to the accolades, this film produced perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in movie history — Do you like apples?

#1. The Departed

One of Scorcese’s best — this Boston-based film features a star-studded cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson, whose character is loosely based on the infamous Whitey Bulger. This crime/thriller is so good you won’t be able to watch it once!