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Vote for NHFF in The Provident Bank’s “Our Community, Your E-Vote” Fundraiser

The New Hampshire Film Festival needs your help!

PLEASE VOTE for NHFF in The Provident Bank’s “Our Community, Your E-Vote” fundraiser.

NHFF is honored to have been nominated again to receive a portion of $20,000 donated by The Provident Bank. Last year we received significant funding through this program, allowing us to bring over 100 independent films to the Seacoast as well as celebrate a thriving community of filmmakers here in the Granite State. Help us do it again!

You can vote once per email, and it truly means the world to us. We can’t thank you enough for taking (less than!) one minute to continue to support us.

The Easiest Steps in the World:

1. Click here

2. Select New Hampshire Film Festival

3. Enter your name, email address, and zip code (they don’t do anything evil with this info, we promise! They never send a single email, it’s just for voting.)

4. Repeat with other email addresses, while simultaneously telling all your friends and family.

5. Pat yourself on the back for helping us secure a portion of $20,000!




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