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What to Binge Watch this September

We hope you had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! Even though we’re gearing up for this year’s festival and premieres on the big screen, we know that the Golden Age of the small screen is upon us. Our NHFF alum are leading the way on some of the year’s best shows, do yourself a favor and check these out:


Survivor’s Remorse

BOLO: NHFF Creative Advisory Board Member Mike O’Malley

O’Malley is creator and writer of Survivor’s Remorse, which follows basketball player Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher) after he signs a professional – and multi-million dollar – contract with an Atlanta team and moves his family there. Executive Producer Lebron James appears in an episode this season. As O’Malley told TheWrap, “This is a season about our characters dealing with the mistakes they make in their own life. It’s not necessarily society or the media creating problems for them. It’s their own choices as they begin to navigate their way through fame and fortune … how they try to come out the other end being better people.”

Where to Watch: Starz/Netflix


Silicon Valley

BOLO: NHFF alum, TJ Miller

Even if you haven’t seen Silicon Valley, you may recognize the actor and comedian from his infamous acceptance speech at the 2015 Critics’ Choice TV Awards. The show follows a group of friends, who happen to be engineers that have created a revolutionary algorithm as they navigate their way through Silicon Valley. Miller plays entrepreneur Erlich Bachman whose stoner’s wit will make you love him even when he’s being an asshole. If you’re in the Boston area, you can catch Miller at LogMeIn’s Xively Xperience 2015 this October.

Where to Watch: HBO/HBO GO


Orange is the New Black

BOLO: NHFF alum, Ronen Rubinstein

If you haven’t heard of Orange is the New Black, we’re going to assume it was a Castaway situation because OITNB’s success has been breaking records the past couple of years and raking in awards. Rubinstein joined the show as Nathan, a chief character in flashbacks with Taryn Manning’s character, Tiffany Doggett. Their sweet romance is a nice reprieve from Doggett’s darker scenes. If you really haven’t seen or heard about it, here’s a Reader’s Digest version: protagonist goes to jail for a crime she committed 10 years earlier and learns a lot about herself and life during  a 12-month stint in jail. 

Where to Watch: Netflix



BOLO: NHFF alum, Morena Baccarin

Baccarin joined the noir Gotham last season as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a friend of Bruce Wayne’s late parents. Haven’t seen it yet? Gotham is an extended prequel to the popular Batman films ( we’re not partial, pick any one) and gives us more than the usual glimpse into the circumstances that created some of the stories’ infamous vilains. By the end of last season, Thompkins is Jim Gordon’s love interest and Gotham City Police Department’s medical examiner – so we don’t expect to see her role going away any time soon. In fact, this season, expect to meet even more young villains and see Thompkins find herself in dangerous waters as she gets closer to Jim Gordon. 

Where to Watch: Fox/Hulu


Masters of Sex

BOLO: NHFF alum, Caitlyn FitzGerald

Masters of Sex premiered its third season July 12th, so there’s plenty of episodes to sink your teeth into. FitzGerald plays Dr. William Masters’ wife, Libby. His insatiable clinical interest in sex does not translate within their marriage and it leaves her understandably confused and upset. But this season, expect to see some changes in Libby as the ‘swinging 60’s’ take over in all their glory.

Where to Watch: Showtime

Om City: The Series
BOLO: NHFF alum Tom O’Brien (2014, Manhattan Romance & 2012, Fairhaven)
O’Brien and his wife, Jessie Barr, the duo behind Om City, are yoga teachers in addition to being actors and filmmakers. From their experiences, Om City The Series was born – with the help of Kickstarter. The series follows yoga teacher, Grace as she helps other New Yorkers to discover their OM even as she struggles to do so in her own right. Season One was released just a week ago so you’re right on time to hop on this om-train.
Where to Watch: Vimeo

That should keep you plenty busy until the NHFF!

What shows are you watching this fall?


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