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White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

On Friday evening of the festival weekend, 3S Artspace screened the comedy White Tide: The Legend of Culebera, an enthralling and captivating story of a small business owner who was stricken by the Great Recession but becomes involved in a series of events that could lead to him finding “buried treasure” worth over 2 million dollars.

Directed and written by Theo Love, produced by Bryan Storkel, and starring Rodney Hyden as himself, this tale depicts a man who is determined to seek out and dig up a stash of cocaine that is hidden within the deep Caribbean.

Through a series of reenacted scenes and storytelling, this film supplies the viewer with a plethora of funny and interesting characters. Such characters involve Andy (a struggling young man who Rodney took under his wing), Big D or “the Cuban”, Julian (the Hippy), and Big D’s contact, Carlos.

After Rodney is forced to move during the Great Recession, he moves to Central Florida and becomes involved in his local community. The story that everyone knows around the town is that the local hippy, Julian, knows of a spot where someone has buried over 70 pounds of cocaine in Culebra. After hearing this, Rodney makes the decision that he has to seek this treasure out and with the help of Andy, Big D and Carlos, he begins his search.

This documentary will have you on the edge of your seat throughout and guarantees a few laughs in between as you watch this man who knows little to nothing about Cocaine, seek out over 70 pounds of it within uncharted lands.


By Josh King