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Yours in Sisterhood leaves The Music Hall Loft in a standing ovation

Yours in Sisterhood left The Music Hall Loft audience cheering on Sunday afternoon. Directed and produced by Irene Lusztig, Yours in Sisterhood focused on diverse letters that were sent to the editor of Ms.–America’s first mainstream feminist magazine. Focusing on letters ranging from 1972 to 1980, Lusztig traveled to 32 states across America to the towns of the original writers. Within these towns, Lusztig found woman whom had a similar story and had them read the letter aloud. They then discussed their reactions and opinions.

The film began with topics like woman’s role in the household, catcalling, and woman’s sexuality but expanded to other topics such as gun control, abortion, gender identities, sexual assault, and racism. Yours in Sisterhood did an amazing job bringing to life these unpublished letters and showing the viewers that 40 years later, these issues are still relevant. Readers that were filmed stated that they “felt honored to give life to her [the original writers] words. I want to give thanks to her from me and my family.” The Sunday afternoon audience was very effected by the letters that were read and the cheers that followed the film represented how powerful Yours in Sisterhood truly was. With only one letter out of 300 that were filmed for this documentary actually published in the Ms. magazine, Yours in Sisterhood brought to life the voices of woman from the 1970’s.

After an extremely successful weekend, Yours in Sisterhood was one of the final films screened during this year’s New Hampshire Film Festival and sure left its audience cheering on their feet.


By Madison Krasko


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