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Death Of A Shadow

  • Drama,
  • ,
  • 20 Minutes,
  • Belgium
    • Director: Tom Van Avermaet
    • Producers: Ellen De Waele
    • Screenwriters: Tom Van Avermaet
    • Starring: Matthias Schoenaerts, Laura Verlinden, Peter van den Eede and Benjamin Ramon

    Stuck in a dark limbo between life and death, deceased World War One soldier Nathan Rijckx collects shadows of dying men and women to buy back his own second chance at life. Obsessed by a girl he met the moment before he died, the thought of seeing his beloved again drives the soldier to regain access to the world of the living. But when he discovers that she’s already in love with someone else, jealousy clouds his mind and pushes him toward a bitter decision, a decision not without its consequences.