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How to Rob

  • Drama,
  • English,
  • Subtitled,
  • 93 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Saturday, October 8


    The Music Hall

  • Sunday, October 9


    3S Artspace

  • Director: Peter Horgan
  • Producers: Samantha Brindisi, Josh Koopman, Chinaza Uche, Caitlin Zoz, Rio Contrada, Becca Davis, Andrew Gerzon, Peter Horgan
  • Screenwriters: Peter Horgan
  • Starring: Chinaza Uche, Josh Koopman, Caitlin Zoz, Anthony Firicano, Kevin Nagle
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Sean and Jimmy are life long friends. They're also stick up guys, robbing drug dealers and bookies on the south side of Boston. When one of their victims seeks revenge with a couple of hitmen, they watch their lives spiral out of control.