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I Used to Be Funny

  • Drama,
  • English,
  • 105 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Saturday, October 14


    The Music Hall Lounge

I Used to Be Funny
  • Director: Ally Pankiw
  • Producers: James Weyman, Jason Aita, Breann Smordin
  • Screenwriters: Ally Pankiw
  • Starring: Rachel Sennott, Olga Petsa, Jason Jones, Sabrina Jalees, Caleb Hearon, Ennis Esmer, Dani Kind

Sam Cowell, an aspiring stand-up comedian and au pair struggling with PTSD, is deciding whether or not to join the search for Brooke, a missing teenage girl she used to nanny. The story exists between the present, where Sam tries to recover from her trauma and get back on stage, and the past, where memories of Brooke make it harder and harder to ignore the petulant teen’s sudden disappearance.