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Many Voices One Song

  • Documentary,
  • English/Croatian,
  • 21 Minutes,
  • United States
    Many Voices One Song
    • Director: Nancy Pollock
    • Producers: Nancy Pollock

    One hundred thirty women in the Portsmouth, NH-based women's chorus “Voices from the Heart” make a life-changing connection with Croatian villagers who live surrounded by landmines left from the Balkan war of the 1990’s. Through the universal language of music this community of American women raised funds to clear the mines in their adopted Croatian village and are invited to make a concert tour of Croatia.

    In an emotional meeting the women of Voices sing for the villagers in the area encircled by minefields. Several villagers who were victims of the war, including landmines, share their experiences of loss with some of the Voices members. The few remaining village residents, who are elderly, desperately hope that younger families, including those who fled and some who were severely injured by the landmines, will return to their long-abandoned homes and help revitalize the severely depressed region once the mines are removed.