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  • Drama,
  • Romanian,
  • Subtitled,
  • 125 Minutes,
  • Romania
  • Sunday, October 9


    The Music Hall

  • Director: Cristian Mungiu
  • Producers: Cristian Mungiu, Tudor Reu
  • Screenwriters: Cristian Mungiu
  • Starring: Marin Grigore, Judith State, Macrina Bârlădeanu, Mark Edward Blenyesi

When Matthias returns to his native multi-ethnic mountain village in Transylvania, he finds his son and the village under the shadow of a strange irrational fear and unsettlement. When two foreign workers are hired in town, deep-rooted impulses and resentments emerge, conflicts and emotions erupt and the veneer of peace in the community is shattered.