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  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 93 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Thursday, October 12


    The Music Hall Lounge

  • Friday, October 13


    The Press Room

  • Director: Katy Cecchetti, Kevin Corcoran
  • Producers: Mild Manor Media
  • Screenwriters: Katy Cecchetti, Kevin Corcoran
  • Starring: Ken Berry, George Kitz, JoAnn Brown, Liz Evans, Rev Carolyn Clarke, Scott Young, Cal Schroeder, Anne Lake, Marjorie Stiles

Welcome to Strafford, a 200-year old town tucked away in the forests of Southern New Hampshire. No major roadways go directly through Strafford, but it has lakes and mountains, schools and meeting halls, and traditions and memories that span back centuries. This film invites viewers to visit this special place and spend time with its residents as they look back on the history of their town and turn an eye toward its uncertain future.