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The 5th Man

  • Documentary/Sport,
  • English,
  • 79 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Saturday, October 8


    St John’s Church

  • Director: Trey Nelson
  • Producers: Dexter Braff, Rebecca Stern, Darren Goldberg, Chris Marsh, Adam Brenner, Savannah Bayse
  • Screenwriters: Trey Nelson
  • Starring: Paul Limmer, Steve Braff, Larry Mancini, Alan Schlien, Mark Belger, Alex Cuozzo, Norman Goldwire, Christine Curtin, Debbie Cuttitta

For 50 years, Paul Limmer was a world-class track coach at Long Island’s Mepham High School. THE 5TH MAN is the story of his impact, his legacy, and what he sacrificed for the success of his athletes.