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  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 16 Minutes,
  • United States
    • Director: Mike Rapsys
    • Producers: Mike Rapsys, Jacob Muff
    • Screenwriters: Mike Rapsys
    • Starring: Derrick Walker

    The documentary starts off by introducing Derrick Walker, a basketball player for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Derrick is a competitive athlete who wants to win. However, his season did not go as planned with the team finishing last in the B1G conference. This makes Derrick nervous since he dwelled on using his winning season to make his next decision in life as he transitions out of school. As the documentary takes place, we get an understanding of who Derrick Walker truly is through his old coach, mother, and half-brother. We learn the impacts Derrick's father made on him and how with that, he became the man he is today. Derrick takes the initiative to start a business and return for one final season.