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Imber’s Left Hand Raises Awareness About ALS

If there’s one thing that the New Hampshire Film Festival does—it’s inspire.

The films, people and stories have the tendency to enrich the soul. Sometimes they bring laughter, and other times, tears. But one way or the other, you’re sure to be moved.

This was no exception for the viewing of Imber’s Left Hand. The film is a story of love that comes full circle—beginning and ending with the power of art. Jon Imber and Jill Hoy (the featured artists of the film), show that even when tragedy strikes, love and art can help to continue the celebrate that is life.

Jon and Jill’s story takes place in Maine, where the two met and spent all of their first dates outside painting with one another. Just as Jill’s work inspired John’s artwork, John’s inspired Jill’s. But as ALS continued to progress and take over John’s muscles he simply switched to using his left-hand—hence, Imber’s Left Hand.

Joining viewers for a post screening Q&A, was ALS specialist Amy Coyne.

Coyne educated the audience on how ALS affects the human body; how the brain remains active until the end, whiel muscles slowly deteriorate. After diagnosis, lifetime expectancy generally ranges from 1-5 years.

One audience member asked, “what is the cause for ALS?” To this Amy answered, “the cause of ALS is still unknown, but because of the Ice Bucket Challenge raising a lot of awareness and funds, there is the belief that now there is a new-found hope for finding a cure.”

Thanks to the filmmakers and Amy for helping to inspire us today at NHFF!

Check the schedule for other inspirational films premiering this weekend.


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