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NH Day Short Block 5: Different emotions, same level of importance

Thursday evening short block was an extraordinary collection of various screenings made to cause different, sometimes polar emotions and thoughts.

The first screening of the block was, Have it All, directed, written, produced and starring Katie Locke O’Brien, and co-produced by Barret Bowman, raised an important issue of women’s choice between career and family. Through ad light-hearted and a chilled atmosphere, this short film movie showed all difficulties of connecting work success and kids raising. This film also stars Huse Madhavji, Chris Gross, Blake Silver, and Julian Holstein.

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The second short of the block was the documentary, Man Gets Revenge of Khloe Kardashian in 7 Minutes, which is directed, written, produced and starring the man himself, Scott Millette. After being rejected by “Revenge Body”, Millette took revenge into his own hands and dropped 80 pounds while sharing his success on social media. Through his documented comedic life journey, Millette is constantly sharing the message that if you push yourself hard enough, you can achieve anything.

You can catch this short again on Sunday at 11:20 a.m. at the Moffatt-Ladd House. Keep up with Millette on Facebook and Twitter.

The third film of the block was Aloha for the Place, a cultural and environmental documentary on Big Island, Hawaii, directed by David Jackel. Through stunning shots of clear, blue waters, we follow the lives of three fish farmers as they connect with residents of the island, and the importance of providing ecologically clean and sustainable farms in today’s world. Although the film presents beautiful shots of the great sea world and the fish farms of Hawaii, it also challenges thoughts and opinions of farm workers on the common marine ecological situation.

You can catch this film again on Sunday at 3:35 at 3S Artspace.

The fourth film of the block was Things We Say, a narrative drama, directed, written and produced by Laina Barakat, executive produced by Robert Emmett Kelly, and co-produced by Ruzzel Zullo. This film reminded the audience that it’s always important to remember that judging someone can be harmful through this modern adaptation of a silent film. Things We Say showcases through three women (Morganna Ekkens, Tony Nagy and Jentri Jollimore), how society can react when its values about beauty, which never can be standardized or put into a template, are challenged.

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The second to last film of the block was The Hike, winner of the Best NH Short Narrative, which was directed, written and produced by Ben Silberfarb, co-produced by Andrew Lund, and starring Kathleen Cawley, Kevin Chap, and Christian Kohn. The Hike is a narrative drama that follows a couple on a backpacking trip, who run into an unexpected visitor. Made in a genre of horror movie, this story pulls in political turmoil and trouble for the couple.

Last but not least was the viewing of Rhapsody in Black, a documentary directed by Michael Mahaffie and produced by Clare Tucker. Rhapsody in Black is a proclamation of music and unity, telling the story of a radio DJ from LA who plays black music from 1940-1960’s on the radio. The music tells the sad truth of how African American lives were in LA back to those days, which lead to the existence of black music genres from the middle of 20th century.

During short Q&A directors of The HikeMan Gets Revenge of Khloe Kardashian in 7 Minutes, Aloha for this Place and of Things We Say, answered a couple of questions about ideas they wanted to provide with their screenings and their processes of film making.

By Nikita Serdiuk


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