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NHFF 2018 Continues Strong Weekend with Short Films for Everyone

On a sunny Sunday morning at NHFF 2018, audience members viewed a block of nine unique short films at the Moffatt-Ladd House. The films were an incredible blend of stories that offered the audience a diverse look at the different corners of the short film world.

Aqua Viva

The film that kicked off the block was Agua Viva, a breathtakingly and beautifully animated film about a Chinese woman living in Miami trying to find the words describe the passion she has for her profession. Directed and written by Alexa Lim Haas, this animated film is one of the most distinctive films seen at the festival this year.

To Be Free

To Be Free

The following film was To Be Free. An exquisite dramatic short about Nina Simone taking the stage in a small club. The film was directed, written, and stars Adepero Oduye — someone who should be on all cinema lovers’ radar as she is bursting with talent.

Too Long at the Fair

Too Long at the Fair

The third film of the block was quite the change of pace as it was a comedy titled Too Long at the Fair. This film is full of hilarity but takes an interesting turn. The film is directed, written, produced, and stars Jessie Barr and Lena Hudson.



The halfway point of the block featured a documentary short titled Edgecomb, directed, produced, and written by Crystal Kayiza. This personal film deals with the lives on residents in a small black community and how their lives are affected by traumatic events.

Fran This Summer

Fran This Summer

Following Edgecomb was Fran This Summer, a delicate drama about two teenagers in love and how their lives are affected by one another. The film was directed and written by Mary Evangelista, who does a great job conveying the emotions of the characters to the audience. The film also won the honor of the best short drama at the 2018 NHFF awards, so it is definitely a must-see!


The tail end of the block was started by Celine Held and and Logan George’s drama Babs. The film deals with a son who was not particularly close with his father, who has recently passed away. Everything seems normal until the son makes an interesting discovery concerning his father.

Birth of Afrobeat

The next film in the lineup full of heavy-hitters was the documentary Birth of Afrobeat, directed by Opiyo Okeyo. This film dealt with one of the most influential and under-appreciated musicians of all time, Tony Allen. Not only does the film deal with a fascinating subject but it is also unique in that it mixes live action with some animation as well.

Allen Anders — Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987)

The second-to-last film on the docket was Allen Anders – Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987). This was certainly one of the most idiosyncratic films seen at NHFF, as it dealt with comedy but is categorized as a horror film on the NHFF website. Overall, it is relatively undefinable as an entry to a specific genre. Directed by Laura Moss, this film is one that sticks in the memory banks.

Man Gets Revenge on Khloe Kardashian in 7 Minutes

Man Gets Revenge On Khloe Kardashian in 7 Minutes

The final film of the block was an absolute showstopper, Man Gets Revenge on Khloe Kardashian in 7 Minutes. This hilariously titled film is nothing to laugh at. It is the incredible journey of Scott Millette who lost over 80 pounds in five months. This film was an inspiration to watch and Millette is a beacon of positivity that feels necessary in today’s climate. If you were unable to watch this film as a part of short blocks this weekend, fret not, as the film is available on Youtube right here.

This block of films provided audience members with touching stories and a healthy dose of diversity that made for a viewing experience that will not be forgotten.

By Liam McNicholas