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NHFF drama “Sorry Angel” is a marriage of intimacy and angst

On Saturday night, The Music Hall Loft presented a french film by the name Sorry Angel, directed by Christophe Honoré, and produced by Philippe Martin and David Thion; starring Vincent Lacoste, Pierre Delanchamps, and Denis Podalydès. Sorry Angel follows a middle aged writer by the name of Jacques Tondelli (Delanchamps) as he navigates intimate relationships and friendships, and the hardships of life and death.

Set in the summer, Jacques meets an aspiring film maker, about a decade younger than Jacques, by the name of Arthur Prigent (Lacoste) while watching a movie in a theater a few hours from Jacques’ home in Paris. They plan to meet. An unlikely pair, the following scenes Jacques and Arthur attempting to find the courage to love in the moment without the watchful eyes of their surrounding society. 

Arthur Prigent attempts to make the love last, but Jacques is determined to keep Arthur at bay. Jacques is a restless soul, and sick both mentally and physically. Jacques has AIDS, and suffering from depression. Jacques knows that the end is near for him, and refuses to let himself, or Arthur, to be tied to each other. 

Despite the impending death of Jacques, Sorry Angel does a good job at juxtaposing this dark ending with endless accounts of pure love and friendship that helps Jacques along as he struggles with the issues of his life.

By Christopher Edwards


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