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Softness of Bodies: Debut Feature Film by Writer/Director Jordan Blady

Softness of Bodies premiered at the New Hampshire Film Festival Friday afternoon at 3S Artspace. Written and directed by Jordan Blady and produced by Catherine Morawitz, this was the first of two showing during the festival weekend. The film is a feature narrative starring Dasha Nekrasova, Morgan Krantz, Lena Reinhold, Nadine Dubois and Johannes Frick. It is the writer/director’s debut feature film.

Softness of Bodies is about Charlotte “Charlie” Parks, an American poet living in Berlin who learns that she is a finalist for a prestigious poetry grant. The film follows her life as she navigates searching for inspiration with the hope of writing the grant-winning poem while also balancing relationships, a rival poet ,and her propensity for theft.

Charlie’s character is abrasive, yet charming and magnetic, complicated and captivating. The writing and tone of the film evokes feelings of nostalgia and mystery with a timeless quality that is thoughtfully composed and compelling with moments of dark humor. This film will take you on a ride. It balances the ebb and flow of day-to-day conversations and routines in life with shocking twists and turns.

Don’t miss the next showing at 3S Artspace on Saturday, October 13th at 12:15 p.m.

By Rebecca Scheinberg


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