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Supporting the Girls: A heart-warming film for last day of NHFF

Support the Girls screened Sunday afternoon at The Music Hall. A charming and down-to-earth film, Support the Girls follows Lisa (Regina Hall) through a particularly tough day at her job as a general manager at Double Whammies, a Hooters type sports bar.

Lisa is dedicated to the girls who work at the bar, and takes her job seriously. On a particularly bad day, Lisa’s patience is repeatedly tested at work with a break in, rowdy customers, and a surprise visit from the owner that threatens her job.

In a frantic moment where everything seems to have reached its breaking point, Lisa makes a decision that changes her livelihood, and the girls’.

Support the Girls is a truly heartwarming film about people getting by and making do, and trying to live as the best people they can in the process. It is directed by Andrew Bujalski, produced by Houston King and Sam Slater, written by Andrew Bujalski, and stars Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Shayna McHale, James Le Gros, Dylan Gelula, Lea DeLaria, AJ Michalka, and Brooklyn Decker.

By Steph George


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