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Young Filmmakers Premiere Their Shorts at the NHFF Closing Ceremonies

By: Molly Taaffe

Last time we checked in with the Young Filmmakers, less than 24 short hours ago, they were beginning to write their screenplay. By 1PM on Sunday they had already shot their film and had begun editing. The students spent the rest of the afternoon grouped around computer screens editing as quickly as possible in order to get their film to The Music Hall for screening during the Sheraton Portsmouth Closing Ceremonies.

I asked them about the challenge not only of shooting the film, but learning to use sophisticated editing software. In regard to shooting, particularly under such a tight deadline they learned to always be prepared, and to bring everything. Many of the students have had some experience using iMovie, and the adjustment too Final Cut wasn’t too harsh.

The three films presented were:

By: Liam W., Mikhail L. and Andrew B.

‘A Present for the Past’
By: Tara H., Trevor R., Russell D. and Chris L.

By: Zachary M., Josh E., Tommy L. and Connor S.


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