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Rare in Common

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • Subtitled,
  • 25 Minutes,
  • United States
    • Director: Marc Dole, Alisa Shakarian
    • Producers: Annemarie Crivelli, Maureen Franco, Lisa Hazen, Mike Hodgson, Kristen Kearns, Eran Lobel
    • Screenwriters: Marc Dole, Chris Feifer, Mike Hodgson, Alisa Shakarian
    • Starring: Dan Berg, Helaine Berg, Noah Berg, Bella Burton, Ed Burton, Gabriella Burton, Rachel Burton, Susan Carroll, Patrick Claflin, Crystal Cote, Luke Creedon, Janis Creedon, Seth Creedon, Felicia Dimuccio, John Dimuccio, Luca Dimuccio, Siena Dimucchio, Stephen Friedrich, Brian Harkin, Jennifer Harkin, Leicia Henderson, Daine Johnson, Diana Johnson, Jaidon Johnson, Jason Johnson, Austin Leclaire, Max Leclaire, Ava McIntyre, Dan McIntyre, Pam McIntyre, Ryan McIntyre, Jenn McNary, Norah McNary, Tabor McSherry, Rebecca Morse, Jennifer Riesenberg, Sylvia Riley, Olivia Weltin, Patricia Weltin, Lacey Woods
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    RARE IN COMMON tells the story of five families, illustrating their struggles and their hope as they face rare and misunderstood conditions. This is a film by Cambridge BioMarketing and a reminder of the humanity we share.